29 Riverbend Drive Southwest.,, Rome, GA, 30161-6065 

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Open 7 Days A Week
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Main Stream Americans
Lunch buffet
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For the Top 100 Restaurants
Top 100 Buffet  (2011)


Reviewed by: bw64583 on: 2018/9/13 17:01:16
this place does not dellervery
Reviewed by: pinkgeorgiaangel on: 2016-06-05
If you advertise to be open till a certain time it would be nice if you were actually open. Very disappointing!!
Reviewed by: gmcchesney131 on: 2014-11-24
I have eaten 152 times in the past four years. I have never been disappointed. The food is always fresh and tasty. Saturday features seafood. Alaskin snow crab is available by the pound. Dine in or carry out. children welcome, open late. 7 / 365..........open all American holidays. Here, you can see how it is. If you look to the right you'll see more Chef Chen films. Enjoy : http://youtu.be/X8YgO4AOkMA
Reviewed by: gmcchesney131 on: 2014-11-24
Reviewed by: Patrick D. on: 10/28/2012 4:11:00 AM
I ate there quite a few times when I stayed at the rehabilitation center in Cave Spring of people with disablities and it was a great restaurant to go to, cheap yes but worh it.
Reviewed by: edisonz on: 2011-11-08
This is a great buffet.My family love it so much.
Reviewed by: JeremyXJ750M on: 2011-11-07
I've had a lot better.10 years ago China Lin was 3 times better.
Reviewed by: edisonz on: 2011-09-23
have eaten here since they opened, we moved now travel 30 miles and past 2 other chinese resaurants for some of the best food and great service in the area. Have never heard any one complain about Ok Chinese and I recommend to all my friends.
Reviewed by: LOUISEZUANG on: 2011-08-23
Best buffet in ROME.
Reviewed by: lili on: 2011-08-15
The food is great! Service is wonderful! Family friendly ! My husband likes too go because they are great baby sitters when we are eating.
Reviewed by: reina on: 2011-08-13
very good restaurant i like
Reviewed by: lavena0907 on: 2011-08-08
Absolutely delicious! We usually come here about three times a week, and it has always been great. My favorite restaurant in Rome, GA! :)
Reviewed by: chenxiaoqian00 on: 2011-08-08
CHEF CHEN BUFFET is the best chinese restaurant in the rome,ga.the food is very fresh and delicious.
Reviewed by: 56432142 on: 2011-08-08
I've been here several times with my friend and I can honestly say, I LOVE THIS PLACE! It has great food. i think it is the best chinese restaurant in the rome.
Reviewed by: 470764584 on: 2011-08-06
the cheese wonton is very good and the food is fresh
Reviewed by: yiexiong on: 2011-08-02
The food is delicious and the waiter is very friendly.